IBBY-iRead Outstanding Reading Promoter Award

The IBBY-iRead Outstanding Reading Promoter Award is co-established by the iRead Foundation and IBBY to encourage a real commitment to the cause of reading promotion in the hope of spreading this dedication to others around the globe.



The award aims to encourage further investment by individuals, organizations and governments in the promotion of children’s reading and will stimulate educational innovation, give much greater access to children’s books and an enhanced profile for children’s reading promotion – key tools in global, social, economic and cultural development – all in the context of Article 17(C)) of the Convention on the Rights of the  Child.



Every two years, two outstanding children’s reading promoters from the world is selected for the award for their significant contribution in promoting children’s reading.


The award comprises the following elements:

-          200,000 RMB Yuan to each winner

-          150,000 RMB Yuan to each winner to be donated to a not-for-profit children’s reading promotion project selected by the winner.

-          An official certificate

-          A trophy

Reading Start

Reading Start is an early children’s reading program for children aged 0-6 in Shenzhen, China. Reading Start distributes red reading backpacks, which each includes four books for children and parents, to every family living in Shenzhen with 0-6 year olds.

Children in Shenzhen can receive our backpacks twice. When they are 0-3 years and 3-6 years.In each backpack, there are two age-related books for the child and two books for the parents. For the parents, one book recommends 60 excellent children’s books; the other one provides early children’s reading guidance.

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As part of the program, we offer one and a half year long training for early children’s reading promoters, developed online platforms to share relevant information with teachers and parents and set up a network of volunteers to further promote early children’s reading. Through systematic guidance, we advocate the importance of parent-child reading, hoping to help every child with a great start to their lives.

iRead College – Early Children’s Reading Promoter Training Course

Taught by excellent experts in the field of early children’s reading, the training course combines the learning of theories and practical activities in the communities. 


The length of the training course is one and a half years. Students attend the training once every month. Each training session is one weekend long.

By training more early children’s reading promoters, we can provide more families and communities with systematic and effective reading guidance.

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Book Lists

With the belief that access to high quality books is one of the most important elements in children’s reading, we put together book lists that could guide children, teachers, parents, communities and other organizations to select the best books.  For each book list, experts are invited to be on the selection committee to identify top quality books.  



Primary School Library Core Book List

This book list contains 3600 books for students and 200 books for teachers. Students’ books are further categorized into grades 1-2, grades 3-4, and grades 5-6. The book list is designed based on children’s intellectual, psychological and social development at different ages.


100 Top Children’s Books

With the aim of introducing more good books to children, we started publishing iRead 100 Top Children’s Books in 2017. Every year, 100 best newly published books in China are selected for this book list. 

In order to ensure the quality of this book list, we collect comprehensive data on new books, conduct a rigorous selection process, and include a variety of genres and topics in the book list. The jury members also write a recommendation for each book, summarizing why it has been selected.

Grants and donations

Rural Children’s Reading Grants

We strive to improve rural children’s reading through providing grants to other charitable organizations.

Organizations that want to apply will need to download and submit our application forms. After thorough discussions and examinations, we will decide if a grant will be made.



Annual Donations to 1000 Rural Primary Schools

100 children’s books, 100%growth



Every year, we donate books selected for iRead Children’s Books 100 to at 1000 rural primary schools. (Included in each donation are 100 children’s books and 10 teachers’ books)


Children’s Reading Research Grants

We provide financial support for research on theories and practical applications of children’s reading.


These are the two areas we support:

Research on how to apply academic research findings to practical use.

Research on foundational theories and practical applications of children’s reading. The funded research should fill the research gap in relevant fields either in China or the world.  

Shenzhen Aiding Public Welfare Foundation

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